Will writing

Our Managing Director, Tommy Strain, is now an elected Member of The Society of Will Writers and can help you put a Will in place. The process ensures that what happens to your family and property when you die follows your wishes and it is a matter of utmost importance. If you care about whom your estate goes to, you will need a Will.

Why make a Will?

  • If you are single, you may want your estate to go to friends and charities as well as family
  • If you are married, don't assume that your partner will automatically receive your estate; other factors also come into play
  • If you are a parent, who will look after your children? You need to ensure that you have an appointed guardian
  • If you are retired, your Will may be out of date and in need of refreshing. It may now need to include your grandchildren.

Having a Will is not just about ensuring that all of your possessions go where you want or that your family is looked after. With the laws changing with regard to inheritance Tax (IHT) more people than ever fall into the IHT bracket. Homeowners will pay billions in increased IHT to the Government.

For more information regarding making a Will please contact Tommy Strain at our office.